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Lexy (rubber)
Aurorian fox

Lexy isn't exactly me, but she does coincidentally have all of my kinks.

Her one-of-a-kind collar turns her into rubber as long as she's wearing it. She initially put it on just as a sex thing, but she's found herself wearing it more frequently and for longer periods as time's gone on.

The rules are flexible, but the core concepts are:

  • The collar's ring can be used to give her orders or rules. That could be a simple one-off command, a condition and response, or even an outright alteration to her personality. Holding the ring directly, holding a leash clipped to it, or affixing a tag with your name on it all work.

  • She's easy to transform, though most readily with some kind of external catalyst or framing. For example, you probably can't just grab the ring and tell her to turn into a dragon... but if you are a dragon, you could describe a scenario where she turns into one from repeated exposure to dragon cum, and her body will be happy to play along, ring or not. Similarly, turning her into a pooltoy or balloon will be much easier if you have an air pump available, and so on. (On the other hand, she'll happy do her favorite things with little prompting.)

  • She can't be injured, made to feel serious pain, or otherwise suffer any permanent consequences. She also can't actually be made to do anything she's not interested in. Rules wear off when they stop being interesting; transformations revert when she gets bored. Revealing yourself to be a jerk while balls-deep in her is probably not a good idea.

  • She can kiss someone else to apply weaker versions of these effects on them — e.g. enhancing a body part, adding a rubber feature, or placing a condition on when they can orgasm. She has to be in an appropriate (i.e., more dom than you) mood, and the stronger she feels about it, the more she can make happen. As a general rule, she has to at least be fond of you to feel this way.

She likes fooling around with different folks and exploring their interests (especially the ones they're shy about), but isn't especially interested in strangers, since there's nothing to connect over. She's the sort of fox who might post nudes (and more) publicly, then never even think to check the likes and boosts.

She enjoys having things inflicted on her, so she's more or less a sub, but it seems more like a role she plays. She will absolutely try to provoke you into doing what she wants, and if you're at all shy, she will take the reins and try to coax out whatever it is you're ashamed to be seen doing.

Her favorite themes vary over time, but broadly include regular sex taken to extremes; merging; intimate transformation; messing with perspective or "the rules"; and generally taking advantage of her being rubber. Interpret broadly — cock TF (her very favorite) is a form of merging, after all, and getting fucked in the ear is just regular sex... if you think about it.

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